Phantom Quartz Points


Beautiful pieces of Raw Phantom Quartz double terminated points!
Although all of these natural stunning Quartz all have perfect etchings and lots of faces.
Phantom Quartz have unique formations where the crystal has had interruptions on the growth.
These are powerful stones to help during meditation, as they will help you to open stronger connections.
100% Natural Quartz and the best quality.

Approximate measurements-
1 -12g/34x27mm
2- 9g/37x25mm
3- 5g/28x20mm
4- 13g/32x26mm
5- 9g/30/20mm
6- 4g/30x25mm
7- 7g/32x29mm
8- 13g/36x28mm
9 – 12g/40x20mm
10- 26g/37x33mm