Septarian Palm Stones


This lovely selection of polished Dragon Stone / Septarian Nodule Palm Stones is from Madagascar!

Perfect for meditation time or offer them as a gift!

Septarian Nodule, also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a tri colour concretion composed of Aragonite, Calcite, and Limestone.

It has been fashioned to display the interior crystals of rich cream and brown Aragonite crystals – the outside matrix is veined with seams of Aragonite.

Made from 100% natural septarian stone.

Approximate measurements:
1) 53x43x23mm/90g
2) 53x43x23mm/88g
3) 58x44x22mm/85g
4) 57x42x22mm/88g
5) 58x45x21mm/88g
6) 58x44x20mm/87g
7) 55x43x23mm/88g
8) 57x44x25mm/100g
9) 60x40x25mm/93g
10) 50x39x24mm/70g
11) 55x43x22mm/88g
12) 57x43x25mm/100g