Garden Quartz Sphere Silver Ring


Unique Handmade Garden Quartz Sphere Ring with Sterling Silver!

It is a one of a kind Ring with moving small Garden Quartz Sphere!

Garden Quartz Crystal Sphere is natural smooth polished quartz showing amazing patterns and green/red moss inclusions inside!

Garden Quartz is a gorgeous stone of included quartz (Lodolite).
The stone stimulates the creative mind, sharpens the awareness of ones destiny and life path, and encourages inner dreamer.

This lovely ring was created by Martynova Veronika @martynova.galery, Jewerly Designer, Crystal Healer and Founder of Rare Rocks and Crystals Uk.

Note that this ring will be packed in a fine white crafting paper and a lovely green velvet pouch!

Height: 42mm
Width: 22mm
Weight: 22g
UK Ring Size: U / 20mm diameter

Not Adjustable

In stock